Hogs included among "Best Sports Logos"

Here’s a list from a few years ago that is admittedly subjective. However, the author has gone on to work at Nike the last 3 years as their Communication Director.

Note how few college logos there are on the list. And - yes - you’d probably guess who at least 2 of them are.

Just underscores - again - how iconic and recognizable our “classic hog” logo is. Any attempt to F with it is moronic.

https://www.complex.com/style/2013/03/t … -all-time/

Thanks Wiz…agree 100%…I absolutely hate the front facing hog…which is hard to distinguish from the AState red wolf at a distance.

Glad we made the cut, but I don’t think a list that does not include the Cardinal’s iconic birds on the bat logo should be taken seriously.

I don’t think FFH is going away. Merchandise incorporating FFH (hats, shirts, etc.) seems to be popular, and it has even been included in the soccer team’s official crest. Popcorn Hog never sold this well, put it that way.