Hogs in Vegas Main Event next season

My wife was wanting to go back to Vegas next year. Now we have a date, but she doesn’t know why, yet


I have volunteered my services for this trip already. That’d be a fun couple days of basketball, I’m sure.

Never been to Vegas and 58 and live in Ca haha think I’ll change that in Nov

Is this just a 4 team, 2 day tournament? I noticed you said 11/20 and 22. I went to the tournament in Vegas at the Orleans in 2012. That was an 8 team tourney, but only 4 teams went to the semi-finals and Finals in Vegas. I think, but not sure, that the final four were predetermined. Is this tourney similarly set up? I also believe it was over THanksgiving week-end, so this must be a different tourney?