Hogs in top three of 2020 DB

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Curious quote, in the context it was given:

“To sum it all up why play for em when you can beat em.”

Isn’t clear who he’s talking about. Probably the fault of whoever wrote this brief article, not the kid.

In any event, always glad to have elite talent considering the Razorbacks. They may not always pick Arkansas, but they’re only going to pick from the schools they are considering.

I really respect Greg. He’s a good guy.

I’m sure he’s a great guy. Never met him, but I’ll take your word for it.

But my comments have nothing to do with what kind of guy Greg is (wouldn’t have know he was the guy who wrote it, except for your comment above). Not about him; it’s about the curious comment (quoted in my post above) the recruit made, and how it doesn’t seem to make any sense. it’s literally one of those things where you read the article, then when you come to that quote, your reaction is “huh??”.

You’re probably reacting to my comment about the quizzical nature of the quote being the writer’s fault, and not the kid’s. I stand by that. Not saying he’s a good guy - or not; just that he could have done a better job of providing context for that particular comment; or, omitting it altogether.

I gotcha. Kids can say some odd things. Quite often the words aren’t printed.