Hogs in top 5

You love to see it Senor Davenport.

Also is a sit 1 play 1 kid, which makes more sense for us and him to be showing serious interest.

Richard - Is Williams a sit 1 play 2 or is he a sit 1 play 1 (because he was considered ineligible his first year)? If he gets 2 yrs after sitting 1 he could be a steal (if he stays all 3 years). I’m still wondering if Muss knows more about Joe than he can tell because he is seriously recruiting one more guy.

My understanding it’s two years but to be honest I’m not 100% sure.

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Kentucky gets a big.

Wake Forest transfer Olivier Sarr has committed to Kentucky, per his Twitter page.

Should be immediately eligible for the 20-21 season.

Significant SEC news.

Saw something this morning that the new Wake Forest coach was dissing Kentucky academics to try to get Sarr to stay in Winston Salem. Didn’t work obviously.

Coaches have to go with the flow of this transfer thing it will drive you crazy. You have to recruit like Muss and be prepared as much as you can.

I agree. Just about every coach is doing the Muss way now. Even coaches who like to have four year players.

Was not aware that Kentucky basketball players ever went to class.

I think that was the Wake coach’s point.

Well there could be basket weaving and croquet classes for credit at more than a few ACC schools.

Blue bloods even get the best transfers. Sarr is the #1 ranked transfer. Big get for Kentucky.

Are you saying North Carolina may not be the only ACC school with imaginery classes for athletes?


Other than it being UK, why would he be immediately eligible? It’s the exact CV situation I believe

Story from the Louisville paper on that subject:

The NCAA is trying to punt and have the one-time transfer rule as an easy way out.

Why not just have no exemptions?

NCAA tends to treat athletes as property. We can’t have our property transferring. Unless we need their scholarship, that is. Individual schools do the same thing, some more than others. There’s a reason that, as DD likes to say, the numbers tend to work themselves out.

The NCAA sponsors 38 sports in D-I. Athletes in 33 of those can transfer with immediate eligibility. There is no good reason why the other five can’t either. Especially given that three of those five have a lot of minority athletes and the other 33 tend to be rather (or extremely) white.

That would seem to be the implication. Not likely the brain trust
in Chapel Hill was the only group to hatch such a well thought
out plan. Their conference mates likely knew all about it. NC has a nice campus. That state has a lot of positives going for it.

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