Hogs in Portal....seems pretty quiet

Yes, we had some announce earlier last week, but we haven’t seen anything new.

Any insider thoughts as to what lies ahead? Is it the calm before the storm or is the calm the new expectation?

I believe that the guys on the UA roster who haven’t played a lot and are returning will get to see the mid-year portal players and HS signees in spring ball and have a chance to rethink staying.

That might impact guys who are contributing, too.

Increased competition doesn’t scare most players away, but if they think they have “earned” the opportunity to be the starter and then don’t get it they may not want to dive in for another round of “earning it.”

Possible, I suppose, is the Foucha/Brooks route: travel with the team for the bowl game, play/watch, and then hit the portal. Guys may realize that (even Memphis) a bowl game trip is a fun thing to be a part of and not want to depart before they get their experience.

This is not over, by any means.

Love to be a mouse in the corner when coaches talk about portal players on our team as well as others and then in a corner when a player gets the interview after the season. All teams need a certain number of players to “move on to make room for better ones available in the portal” and if it doesn’t happen naturally, I wonder if they splain that they probably won’t play much at Arkansas, offer to help them find a spot where they can play, and even let them go through the bowl experience before they “officially” announce they are leaving while actually finding them a spot “unofficially” to land in? It is a war out there and our competition is loading up with better portal players and we have got to compete hard or fall behind. That is reality in today’s college football.

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I’m sure Sam shoved some people toward the door, just like every other coaches who thinks he can get somebody better out of the portal. We’ll see who they are.

Ketron Jackson has entered the portal.

Not a surprise, but still stings. Don’t look know, but the WR room is a bit sparse.

First one that’s a real disappointment. Agree that it’s not a surprise. Not enough balls to go around for WRs in this offense.

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I think you hit the nail on the head with “Calm before the Storm”, at least I’m hopeful for that to happen! WPS

Some get asked to hit the road that are very talented but have poor work habits and will not reach their potential or is constantly a thorn in your side and never bought in to your concept. So many reasons players jump to the portal and many more reasons coaches want them to hit the portal.WPS

Yeah the portal window closes in mid-January so that is possible even under the new rules.

Hate to hear that. With the departure of Landers and Haselwood, I would think Ketron would be one of KJ’s top targets next year.

Also means we should be very active in the portal to bring in WRs.

Hopefully KJ can convince him to come back. It’s doable. We shall see.

I assume this is what some guys will do from the CFP teams. Those 4 teams have 5 total in the portal (Georgia - 1, Michigan - 2, Ohio State - 2, TCU - 0) while the average per team is nearly 5.
This is based on data from 247sports.com portal tracker.

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