Hogs in Alaska

My wife and I just returned from Alaska this morning - Red Eye from ANC.
On the way up, I noticed a man wearing a grey cap with a red Razorback on it. Of course, I went and introduced myself. He was going home to AK from an extended business trip. A nice guy.

The next morning we were waiting at gate L2 (this is where the fishing and hunting trips leave - no TSA). As I was sitting there talking on the phone for the last time (certainly no service where we were going ) a man came into the area wearing another grey cap with a hog on it. I assumed he was going to the same place as we were, but I never saw him again so I did not get to visit with him.

We went to a very nice and extremely remote lodge 75 miles up the Anvik river from it’s mouth on the Yukon, Anvil Remote Lodge and I highly recomend it. It turns out many of the staff and owners were from the town of Bethel and they knew a lot about the Razorbacks. It seems our own Bethel Hog and wife were favorite teachers of many of them. He had done a good job spreading the word. Don’t know if he is still on here, but understand he is now in Anchorage with a bigger job in AK athletics.

Finally last night as we were lined up to board the plane I heard someone behind me say “Go Hogs”. I turned and saw our own JGage standing there getting ready to board the same plane.

Don’t guess any of this means much, but it helped make a great trip that much better.

It’s always fun to experience a little of home on trips outside the state. My wife and I were hiking at the Grand Canyon probably 4-5 years ago and we hear a group of guys calling the Hogs. When you’re on vacation and far away from home you’re not expecting anything like that. Pretty neat.

About 4 years ago I was about to fly out of Stuttgart, Germany. I wore a golf shirt with a hog on it and the lady at the ticket countered commented (in a German accent) that she liked the Razorbacks, too. I was shocked. Turns out she was German who’d gone to the UA for a couple of years. It is indeed a good feeling to run into other Hogs when so far from home.

I went to Germany 2 years ago for a marathon during football season; my son was texting me updates from RRS on the overtime win against Auburn in which RW3 first injured his neck. But that morning I took the train 20 miles from Frankfurt to the city of Mainz to see a Bundesliga match between Mainz and Werder Bremen. There were buses from the train station to the stadium and then back to the train station after the match. I’m waiting to get on the bus afterward and a young man standing next to me in Mainz, Germany, is wearing a Razorback t-shirt. I did not have the opportunity to find out if he spoke English or where he got the shirt but seeing a Hog at a European soccer match was a complete surprise.

Colorado Hog,

Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to Alaska. The Anvik Lodge is no doubt a great spot. My wife (Arkadelphia girl) and myself did our best to educate the students of Bethel on the great State of Arkansas and how to call the Hogs. Since the change in ownership, I’m no longer using the Bethel Hog handle.

I guess that is another reason I must make the trip to Alaska. I do love my Colorado trips though. Got one coming up during the open date. It’s been a tough last month. I think I’ll be ready for some cold air and pretty trout streams. Jim calls it Elk Camp, but it’s going to be trout camp for me. I’ll sneak away from the hunters each morning and find some mountain streams with brown trout and brookies. They are there, I know. If I see an elk, I’ll send them over to Jim.

Me and my Mississippi State friend is looking forward to having Clay out. Our goal is to quickly get our elk so we can fish with Clay. Probably just go fish with Clay some anyhow. Hope it is cool by then. It is not now, but normally cools off by middle September.

Would love to see Clay in AK sometime. Different than the type fishing I do with him, but each place is different. For certain, it was plenty cool (close to cold) where I was last week.

Oh yes, my MSU buddy keeps telling me this is going to cost Clay a trip to the MSU/AR game this year and a White River fishing afterwards. Clay has yet to respond, but I bet we can work it out. Oh yes, just learned he went 1 yr. to EMCC of Netflex fame. Good ole MS redneck type who now loves living out west and the mountains.

I’m hoping we have low water by the time he comes to see Hogs vs. Bulldogs. Hope he likes to wade, because I will take him on a hike to find some big browns.

My wife and I went on a trip out west in 2015. We visited Yellowstone and a multitude of other sites. One of those sites was he Crazy Horse Monument. We took a bus ride (old school bus) up a dirt road from the welcome center to get a better look at the work on the mountain. When we got off the bus there were pieces of quartz crystals everywhere. People were amazed. I made the comment that you could see those in places around central Arkansas. That is when the bus driver ambled over and asked us where we were from. He straightened a fold in his jacked to reveal a Razorback and said I am from Hot Springs, I just work up here in the summers.

Maybe Clay will get some cooler Colorado weather than my wife and I had on our trip there last fall. It was a lower elevation, but it was in the 80s all week - the last week of October.

My daughter and husband just moved to Barrow AK.

Anybody top that?

Sarah and Adam. She is posting a lot of cool information. UNLIKE she has a gift of writing so it’s simple for her to post. Cool stuff. :smiley: