Hogs hosting JC

Wing Rashawn Fredericks, 6-6 of Motlow State CC. Thursday-Saturday for an official.

FG %
3PT %
FT %

Like the 10 boards/game but not the 3 pt %. Does he have a Barkley type body?

Just what the Dr ordered. Averaged a double-double his Fr and So year at Motlow State (same JUCO as Barford).

Could play the 3 or the 4.


No built like Qualls or Darious Hall.

https://news.mscc.edu/news/motlows-rash … f-the-year

Also he shot 41% from 3 his Fr year so it is range you have to respect, but not necessarily a “dead-eye” shooter.

He was 1st Team JUCO All-American, as well.


Like the 10 boards/game but not the 3 pt %. Does he have a Barkley type body?

[/quote]Trae Young of OU shot just 36.0%; not greatly better.

RD, have you had a chance to speak with him yet? And what’s you’re feeling on where he’s leaning?

Hope I am wrong, but this could be a replacement for Garland.

Think you hit this right on the head sadly.

Could be “best player available” and not necessarily just a replacement for Garland.

If we sign him and continue to recruit the Cooper kid then we have our answer.

He’s excited about the visit. Not sure he would be leaning anywhere since he hasn’t visited Arkansas yet.


He visited Cincy last weekend

I thought the same thing. But, it could be the staff is just wanting to replace what they lost. If we land Fredericks, that’s the Hall replacement right there, very similar size and athleticism. And Mason Jones is the CJ Jones replacement, both are somewhat of a 3 point specialist.

McPherson’s latest tweet on this is Baylor may now be in the mix


Baylor is a program I hate to hear is involved. No proof, but I don’t believe that Coach Drew is entirely above board.

Sounds like CMA and the staff are busy. Let’s land one (or more) of these guys.


I am almost certain that this guy is looking for starter’s minutes. Will Mike commit to that?

Def has a chance to come in an earn that. Only real lock to start is Gafford right now.

If Jacob Evans comes back for Cincy he’ll come off the bench and might anyway.

I like our chances.