Hogs hosting five JC prospects

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Under the current situation what are our chances of landing any of these Guys?

Maddox, Taylor and Honas plan to make other visits. Couldn’t get a hold of Johnson or Jefferson.

Thank you!
Who will stay in contact with recruits if and when this staff is sent packing or do you think some staff members may remain in place.

The assistant coaches are paid through June 30th of next year and an assistant coach will be place in charge for recruiting purposes.

Many of the assistant coaches will remain on staff and continue to recruit until a new head coach is named and is on the job.

I fully expect some of the assistant coaches (Barry Lunney, Michael Smith) to be name to the new staff.

I agree about Lunney and Smith, but many thought the same thing about Horton when Bret arrived. If rumors are true and it is Gus, does Horton not take Lunney’s place as the AR guy? I think Smith stays because of La.

Saw a comment on recruiting on one of the games, may have been the LSU game this past weekend. 5 states that produce most NFL players: Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. I don’t know if we’ve ever recruited California well, but those other four states should be focus of recruiting in my opinion (also keep the instate talent)

I believe the biggest mistake CBB made at Arkansas was not having several big time recruiters on his staff who could recruit Texas.

Who ever the new coach is, he better hire at least five or six great recruiters to recruit TX, LA and South FL.

I believe Smith and Lunney fit this description.

Isn’t there enough room for Horton, Lunney & Smith? What happened with that extra coach rule proposed?

Supposed to go into affect. I’d assume it’ll be a ST guy. I kind of thought maybe Lunney moves to Bobby Allen’s current position. Though Horton is a RB guy, so maybe Lunney stays as TE coach. Couple weeks ago, I mentioned Lunney, Smith, Franks, and Herbert keeping their positions, but I’m sure if we get a new coach, we will get new guys. How many is the question