Hogs hope Umude takes show on the road again

Since a scoreless night at Ole Miss on Jan. 26, Stanley Umude has seemingly played with a heightened focus on the road and given Arkansas a big lift from deep. Here is more ahead of Tuesday’s game at Missouri:

I think he is a very talented scorer. He is very capable of getting 20 every night just has been a little bit inconsistent like most of our guys have been. I think he’s getting more comfortable though every game

I’m hoping they all play with a heightened focus Tue night!

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Hopefully Umude will continue to get “his”! However, the area for most improvement must come from Toney. I think that he is capable of much better than has been evident recently. It appears to my untrained eye that he is not going up with authority (i.e. he is somewhat tentative) on his close in shots. If Toney plays up to his capabilities and the remainder of the team continue to play their game, we should end the season well.

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Umede when he isn’t making shots he continues to play defense and don’t take bad shots. Toney let the Bama players get into his head. The T he earned was a reflection of his loss of control. That shouldn’t happen again but teams will try to do that to him.
All the hogs had a hand in the Bama loss Notae needs to avoid foul trouble and stop gambling. He needs to maintain focus. The hogs should beat Missouri!

Army, I love you man, but it’s Umude, not Umede.

Kinda like our AD. Hunter You’reACzech.

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Your right. My spelling on names at times is horrible. My mistake and than k you for correcting me.

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Umude / Umede, pretty sure we knew who you were talking about.

In case you haven’t noticed ( :grinning: ) some of us have a thing for spelling the names of Razorbacks correctly. Two "t"s and Feleipe come to mind. Now creative spelling of opponents teams, names, etc., that’s a whole nuther issue.


That’s funny…

That was Toney’s second technical (early season), I bet their won’t be a third.

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