Hogs honor Mike Conley Sr

Mike won Olympic gold in the triple jump in Barcelona on August 7, 1992. The hoop Hogs arrived in Barcelona just past the 30th anniversary of that jump. So Muss got them all Mike Conley T-shirts and they went to the Montjuic Olympic Stadium to see where it happened.

Neat video of that day at Hogs+. Including Devo rocking the fan at the stadium.


Muss never misses a beat. Is someone on staff responsible to look for such opportunities or is it all Muss with his vast encyclopedia of sports data? I am a sports junkie for all sports but I didn’t remember off the top of my head that Mike won that at Barca Olympics.

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That’s pretty sharp research. I knew that Mike won the gold there but I certainly didn’t remember the exact date.

Just learned that FC Barcelona will play the 23-24 season at Montjuic (capacity 60,000) while their home stadium is being remodeled/expanded to 105,000 seats, which will make it the 5th largest stadium in the world. Also learned that Montjuic was built as part of Spain’s bid for the 1936 Olympics that went to Berlin. What I already knew is that “Montjuic” means “mountain of the Jews” in Catalan; a medieval Jewish cemetery was found there.

Is it safe to say that the Conley brothers (Mike and Stephen) is the most athletic brother combo in UA History?

Btw, Muss doesn’t miss anything.

The Phillips and Hatfield brothers weren’t bad. But Kenny wasn’t triple jumping 18.17 meters in the Olympics.

Coach Muss never ceases to amaze me with this stuff. Does he miss anything?

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Ah, did not know that.
Speaking of soccer, the Premier League season has started.

Yes I’m aware. Hogmaestro and I are already going back and forth. His Spuds are temporarily atop the table on goal difference, having played a side that plays Mike Neighbors style defense.

When I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, FC Barcelona was also staying at The Palms. Soccer fans are nuts.


But if you’re willing to get on a plane to fly from Spain to the US (or vice versa) to follow your team, you’re nuts regardless of the sport.

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Kind of worried about future of Pulisic for my Chelsea.

Anyway, City and Liverpool look the best again,

Liverpool looked anything but last week.

I don’t care for soccer, but their women folk fans look mighty good in bikinis. Really enjoyed my pool time at The Palms. The blackjack…not so much.

The Burnett boys weren’t too shabby…

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Yeah, it coukd be just a bad first game.

I would include the Horton brothers as well
But I may be a bit partial

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