Hogs have No. 1 class

Baseball America also has Hogs No. 1.


Looks to be #1 by a long shot, too. Wow.

Will keep my fingers crossed we can get at least half of them on campus. Still looks like an amazing class. Talk about nation-wide recruiting. DVH and staff are a machine!!

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Awesome but how many of them will ever be a Razorback uniform…Hopefully we can keep some of the great ones.I hate the MLB that they can do that…the growing trend is more college kids make to the Majors than HS…

Geez, 9 of the top 13 teams are SEC. It would be 10 of 13 if TX was in the SEC now. Amazing!

There’s a lot of kids that go to the majors straight out of high school and never make it to the show. They miss out on the college experience of playing ball! The SEC might be as good as the minors in preparing them and help them develop!
DVH and his staff have put a great class together and we all hope they make it to campus! We will see next summer.

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Yeah I believe if you play 3 years in the SEC you have a better chance of advancing quicker because you have faced better competition and also are missing out on the long bus ride that you can occur in rookie ball and A Ball


Agreed, many consider playing in the SEC to be the equivalent of playing in AA ball. And there is certainly better transportation.


Better transportation, housing, facilities and possibly better money to be made.


And more fun I would think.


Yeah I’ve had a few friends that played in the minors and it’s not a whole lot of fun to be totally honest with you…

It’s a job more so than a game. Don’t get paid chicken squat on top of it all…

There would be absolutely not one doubt in my mind where I would go. I totally understand some of these kids are in a financial position where they have to help out, but unless you’re in that position I think you would be foolish not to go to college especially a program is great as ours

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I wonder if NIL will ease the partial scholarship problems in college baseball. In some cases, it looks like coaches could pretty easily tell the kids their half scholarship + NIL will equal at least a full scholarship by their 2nd year, and many times, their first year. Parents might move more to encouraging their kids to go to college instead of taking their big bonuses offered to the top high school kids.

I’m told by an MLB executive that Dave is getting commits from almost every offer. Think about that for a minute. Every offer commits.


And a number of those commits are from players who had previously committed to other programs (good ones) then reneged and committed to Arkansas. One was a prior commit to UVA, a very good program.

I notice that Tennessee and our man Tony are at #18 (only one in the top 100). I wonder if he plans to rely on transfers?

This is the first time in a while that Tennessee has been outside the top 15, and most of Vitello’s classes have been top 10.

I’m surprised Tennessee recruits at the level it does with its facilities, which are among the worst at a school that supports baseball at a high level. There is a big fundraising campaign going on at Tennessee right now to improve the ballpark and add some player development features. Todd Helton donated $1 million toward that project today.

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I have always felt like we had it the best facilities in the nation and with the atmosphere that we produce for the home games I am shocked why anybody would want to go anywhere else and I would say that in all honesty if I were not an Arkansas fan, just looking at what we have in place to get kids to the next level.

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That’s the thing nowadays you don’t always have to bring in great high school recruits because most of those guys are not going to play their first year anyway you can fill your roster with five or six great transfer portals and have a great team.
LSU is going to be a handful to compete with because they can recruit and they obviously know how to do the transfer portal thing because they got pretty much all of the best ones last year so they’re obviously spending some money on NIL and I bet you Tennessee is not going to be far behind doing that. The transfer portal thing is one thing we have to get better at we’ve gotten a couple of good players but we could do better at that and I bet you we see different results next year bc Dave saw what LSU did and recognizes that

They’re about to have a brand new baseball facility and it’s very nice looking at the drawings…

They will be forced to be reckoned with from now on but I have no doubt with all the things we have in place we will be able to compete with anybody

Show me the money with TN building that dream stuff. Folks here live and die by football and basketball. I don’t see the big bucks folks spending their money on baseball. Maybe they will but call me a cynic about getting that done quickly. I’ve not been to Lindsey Nelson stadium in several years but it was a pit then.