Hogs have least newcomers among SEC teams

After being the youngest with most newcomers last year, Hogs have the least newcomers this year.

This is a good reality check for me going into the season. The reason Arkansas is picked 11th in the SEC is because we lost the best player on last year’s team that, clearly, wasn’t good enough for CMA to keep his job.

Newcomers are Whitt and Cylla, both hopefully solid players but no where near as good as Gafford. We’ve got to hope the the returnees are much improved… especially Joe, Sills, and Chaney. Going from Fr to So should be a big jump. Our primary hope, I suppose, is that Muss is going to coach the team to major improvement. I am encouraged with what I see from Muss. We’ll see. We are really going to struggle with SEC teams because of our lack of size. Muss can’t make 'em grow taller.

we also only have 9 scholarship players available, I believe. 10 if Connor plays.


That is correct. 12 on scholarship with Notae, Iyiola, and likely Connor redshirting.