Hogs have 10 midterm transfers on campus, room for more

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Are there any walkons that would be obvious candidates for being placed on scholarship?

Need to do some checking.

The 85 limit almost seems excessive now that teams are building rosters of experienced players - not as many guys “waiting their turn” and developing. NFL only needs 53…. Something to watch…

Fewer regulated football scholarships would open up more for other sports…like baseball and its ridiculous 11.7, but I do not see the NCAA lowering the # for football.

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Under NCAA reorganization that is underway, it is likely that each sport will have a governing body, similar to the current NCAA basketball committee that picks the March Madness teams. That sport-specific body will have the ability to adjust rules and scholarship limits without having to go through a vote of all of Division I.

Which is a longwinded way of saying I don’t think they’ll cut the 85 either. And the baseball-specific group could finally move past that stupid 11.7.

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