Hogs had no answer for LSU's star freshman linebacker

Arkansas did not have an answer Saturday for LSU freshman linebacker Harold Perkins. Reaction from the Razorbacks on his 8-tackle, 4-sack day, 2-forced-fumble day and impact in the Tigers’ 13-10 win:

Ricky Stromberg’s comments concern me. How do we not game plan for the guy on LSU’s defense who can, in Sam’s own words, “wreck your game?”

Was Ricky saying this staff does not know what they are doing?

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He said LSU schemed with Perkins being an obvious spy on our QB and we did not counter scheme to be sure we had him contained. The results are plain to see.

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Neither quarterback did anything to counter him that’s for sure. (And that’s on our coaches too) Put our piss poor pass blocking scheme by the o line and running backs aside, our quarterbacks knew what pass blocking scheme they had to work with! They had to know he was coming and just didn’t step up in the pocket to get away from him and get the ball downfield in time. We should’ve probably done a better job scheming up a double team on that guy, but our quarterbacks knew what the scheme was and just kept doing the same thing. Malik looked like he didn’t know what hit him, stunned that he couldn’t run circles around their spy defenses or think of anything else to try. And Cade looked like he was operating on scout team timing and couldn’t figure out that LSU guy was coming just as fast every time and there wasn’t ever gonna be a seven step drop back pocket against them with our pass blocking scheme. Credit to the defense, but our offense was just flat out unprepared for how many games in a row now?!

I recall the moment in the spring game when Drew Sanders ran down Malik on the edge and we knew he was going to be a player. Today, Malik was run down by several LSU d-lineman in addition to the all world true freshman Perkins.

As usual, watching the game in person, the talent difference was quite obvious. They made Hornsby look rather pedestrian getting to the edge. Size and speed.

That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change.

We had better figure out a way to find a few of those type recruits in this next class

Sacks were big for both teams.

We may have one close to that level already committed, if we hold on to him.

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