Hogs got one vote in coaches poll this week

And Yale got 2. Or at least somebody voted Yale #24 and us #25 (not necessarily the same person). But at least someone has noticed.

No votes in AP poll.

We had 2 votes last week. I guess our wins scared someone off. Mich St (who I am sure will be very good) is 2-2.

Oregon is 14. They lost again, today on a neutral court to 2-2 Georgetown, who lost at home last week to Arkansas State.

I think Oregon is going to be better than its start would indicate. Dillon Brooks didn’t play the first three games because of an injury and Georgetown was his first game back. He looked rusty, but I think he’ll probably end up having another big year once he gets back into the flow of things. He made that team go last March.

I don’t think Arkansas has a chance of impressing many voters until the Texas game in December. It hurts that so many of the Razorbacks’ games are not on TV early in the season. A win at Minnesota tonight may garner a little attention.

this Minnesota game is huge. top 50 rpi matchup on the road. we won’t have many of those opportunities in the weak sec. not sure if it gets us in top 25 or not. I’m more concerned with gettin in top 50 rpi.

After watching the first half of this game, who is the idiot that gave us a vote.

matt are you ready to rethink that assumption that this game won’t leave a big immpression on pollsters and postseason commitee?

No. My guess is that no more than two AP voters - the ones from Arkansas and Minnesota - actually watched the game in full, if at all. Everyone else was focused on their team or the invitationals. Most will only know about this game by looking at the score, which wound up being respectable for a road game.

True that is the one consolation that I overlooked last night, the game was not televised.

Still it was a huge opportunity missed. Looks like our only other top 50 rpi road opponents currently are Kentucky, Florida and Auburn. Regardless of how ranking change through the season and how we fare against Texas, OK state, and the rest of our sec road tests, it is looking very much like we will only have 3 or 4 more opportunities. We can’t make the big dance without winning a couple of those, even if we get to 22 wins total. Our persistent road woes are an albatross to the selection committee. Hopefully we learned from that beating yesterday.