Hogs golf still rolling

having another excellent day and have expanded lead today, UNC has moved to second but our round is better thus far. Looking good for championship so far, Lucy.


Top five advance to nationals and we have a 21 shot cushion on the sixth-place team. Our worst player today is even par so far.

I’m reading that last sentence in Desi Arnaz Cuban, Ray.

As of 10:30 ET, Segundo Pinto is tied for the individual lead at -9, Wil Gibson is tied for third, Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira is fifth and Manuel Lozada is tied for sixth. That’s a recipe for a big win if it continues. And Julian Perico, who was the noncounter yesterday, is -4 today.

That Aggie who played so well in the Masters, Sam Bennett? He’s tied for 18th, and the Aggies are in 7th, five shots below the cut line. Long way to go, but Bennett’s college career may end tomorrow.

player leaderboard, as Jeff noted we are in a groove and killing it on course:


Also of note, UALR is in sixth place early in the second round of the Bath Regional in Michigan. They’d have to make up six shots on the fifth place team (3-way tie for third at the moment) in the final two rounds, but it’s definitely possible the Trojans advance.

Hogs had the second best round yesterday of any team in the six NCAA regionals; AZ State shot -26 in Las Vegas, to the Hogs’ -22.

Mateo finished the front nine with five straight birdies and is now tied for third with Gibson. Segundo is still tied for the lead.

At this point five SEC teams (Hogs, Auburn, Jawja, Bama and Moo U) would advance to nationals. Vandy, Tennessee, Misery, Florida, TAM, LSU and the Rebnecks would not. Which leaves UK and SoCar as the uninvited teams.

Vandy has made the top 5 halfway through todays round. Aubbie is the hot team in that regional today. Gordon Sargent is a great kid and is trying to make nationals as team or as individual to defend his low medalist title from last yr.


Ray, I’m landing in Nashville Friday night to attend AAPA convention downtown through next Wednesday. May or may not play hooky Saturday afternoon and go to Hawkins Field, depending on the status of the league race after Friday (getting in too late for the Friday game). I’m staying with a colleague who lives in the Nashville burbs rather than pay ridiculous downtown hotel prices.

A little too much green (bogeys) on the Hogs’ scorecard for the back nine so far, but still lead Georgia Tech by 9 and have a 16-shot cushion over the fifth place team. And Segundo Pinto remains tied for first place at -10.