Hogs go to Florida 4 years in a row

And only one home game against Florida in that 4 year span. I am not the type that believes there is conspiracy around every corner, but this is just not fair.

Well on the bright side, we can get our first win in Gainesville after a long time.

Maybe not a conspiracy, but in the last several years one only needs to look at the UA’s SEC Basketball & Football schedules to see we don’t get much love.
I guess we just need to WIN the love.

Yes, winning will cure everything.

Between that and playing UNC every year we make the tourney - sure doesn’t seem coincidental. But, living in Gainesville, I will gladly take the opportunity to catch another game. We just need to win this time!

The SEC has changed the scheduling format a couple of times since the league expanded, which has caused some abnormalities. First, it expanded to 18 games, then a couple of years ago it added the three permanent home-and-home series that caused another reset.

The first change caused Florida to come to Bud Walton Arena three seasons in a row. The latest has Arkansas going there four in a row. Every team should have a similar quirk on the schedule. For instance, Kentucky is going to Texas A&M for the fourth year in a row with only two return games. Vanderbilt is coming to Arkansas for the fourth year in a row with only one trip to Nashville.

Florida will be at BWA in 2018-19.

My biggest beef with the schedule has been and will continue to be Arkansas and Kentucky not playing a home-and-home each year.

Now since you explained it, no worries.

What jimmy said. The UK Hog game will again be a national audience. Prob the most attractive SEC matchup for a few years to come. Was always in the past.

I’m probably in the minority but I miss having East and West divisions for basketball. That made the scheduling much more predictable. It seems to be just a grab bag right now.

This. Liked the old way MUCH better.

However, the old divisions would not deliver home-and-home any year. The new way, at least there is a chance