Hogs getting votes in both polls

33rd in coaches’ poll, 39th in AP this week. OU is also getting votes in both polls; they’re ahead of us in AP, behind us in coaches. UNC is ninth, Sparty is 4th. Oregon is also getting votes. In the other bracket, Duke is #1, Florida is #7, Gonzaga is 17th, Texass is ARV, Butler is ARV from the coaches.

We will crack the top 25 this weekend if we are able to win 2 games. Beat the Sooners and Tar Heels. It’s really not that important this early anyway. I think it’s possible to see a lot of movement in the poll in the next 3 weeks.
Missery will fall out soon!

not sure why. They have three wins, but … ?

They now have that all-world PG (I think he’s a PG).

If we win those two games, I want to win the third to.

If I saw it right, isn’t OU actually 39 and 33 too?

If only,

Every home game would be a sellout win and we wouldn’t drop out of the top 20 all year

No doubt