Hogs getting some big-time bling for Liberty Bowl Win

What an a$$hole

And he’s not even an average writer.


I get his point. I think (and am sure Sam does) a 500 record and a big blown lead in a minor bowl against a weak opponent is nothing to cheer about. Goals need to be much, much higher. Still, I do not begrudge the players getting a ring nor enjoying their victory.

Still, never want to settle for last year nor consider it anything but a failure. Never, ever should lose to Liberty at home (or anywhere), and should never give up big leads like that team did. Sam’s actions since indicates he feels the same.


Agree with this take. Fairly complementary saying we should expect more. I’m not against them getting rings but if I begrudge anything it’s the UA social media crew making a flashy tweet out of it. Opens us up for ridicule from guys like this.


If that’s all they have to complain about. So be it.

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Meh. Writer with big ten roots.

We were playing without 9 starters in that game, Jim. I think that has a lot to do with why Sam is making a big deal about it.

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Don’t doubt it.

I bet that “writer” doesn’t know that and very likely doesn’t care. Happy to see the team rewarded with the nice ring.

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This reminds me of Pittman’s response last year when he tweeted something about the Razorbacks being ranked 10th. I’m betting he would say something similar about any blowback on the ring tweet.

“Everybody always looks at the negative all the time. I tweeted out that we were No. 10 and I got some responses that, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’ Well, I ain’t tweeting it out to you guys or a 50-year-old man. I’m trying to use it as recruiting. I really don’t care what the guy says. I’m trying to recruit."

I had an interaction with Pittman a couple of months back and bowl games came up. If you think he is satisfied with winning the Liberty Bowl, you’ve sorely underestimated his expectations. With that said, 7-6 teams get bowl rings all the time.


I think some place way too much value in what some random writer thinks. Sam needs to do what he thinks is right by our program as long as it goes by the rules. Take care of our own business- who cares whether someone else likes it or not.


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