Hogs getting screwed...a lifetime of frustration

I am sure many on here can remember other occasions where they feel like the Hogs got totally screwed out of a win. For instance, every time I watch the replay of the 1969 Texas game, I just wait to see the Longhorn clip as James Street scores. I also remember Ron Calcagni’s head almost getting ripped off on a facemask–with the ref RIGHT THERE–that was not called. Also against Texas. The darling of THAT league.

But the call that came to mind today that was just as blatant was the 1971 Liberty Bowl.
I was only 9, but I STILL remember “the fumble.” Jon Richardson got hit, and fumbled. There was a scrum to recover…and ultimately one of our o-lineman got up. With the friggin ball. He handed it to the ref. And the ref signaled TENNESSEE BALL.

I’ll never forget it.

Today reminded me of that. Below is a link about that play. And the game.


I am TIRED of this crap. Refs protecting the “haves”. Makes it a little easier to REMAIN a “have” doesn’t it!

We shold be 2-1, and ranked. And a national darling. That is what the kids deserve. That is what Pittman deserves. And Chad deserved to LOSE to the kids he let down so dramatically. How BAD a job he actually did is now truly apparent. And to think I defended him. Until midway last year I did anyway.


I’ve lived in Tennessee for over 22 years. Every time bad officiating comes up in conversations with Vol fans I bring up that call in 71. They tell me I need to get over it. I never will.

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That Liberty Bowl call ranks as our #1 screwing

Don’t forget the Florida Game in 2009 where refs protected Tebow and the Gators over and over again. That game still makes me sick

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Or the Horton Nuestra pass interference call against us in the 1982 SMU game…

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