Hogs get the late game Monday night

8:57 Arkansas time at Lucas Oil Stadium on CBS.

Why the hell are we in the late game? You would think Oregon State would be in the late game. Makes no sense, especially since the start is about an hour and a half from my weeknight bedtime.

My guess is that’s the game CBS wants in prime time. Molester State starts at 6:15 Eastern time.

That is my guess too. Our is the “sexier” of the two games

Its GREAT that we get the late game. Not that 3 hours will make a massive difference…but as Clay mentioned on the Morning Rush (I believe it was…I listen to all of the Hitthatline shows as podcasts) we will need legs against Baylor. This at least gives us a little more time to sleep in…might make a subtle difference. Who knows.

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