Hogs get Texas DL as PWO

Mercy the kid will keep pushing and pushing. Maybe pursuing is better, whatever young man Welcome!

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This young man has a great motor and incredible vision.


I just like having a guy named Boogie on the team.


Really like this young man,got to get a lot more lead in his pencil,but he plays very well with his hands and can tell he’s been in the weight room.

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Boogie and Bumper – The Arkansas Blues Brothers.


Aledo is a VERY good program here in the DFW just outside of Fort Worth. Have been dominating teams for several years now.

What are his measurables. Size height speed etc

6"2 250 I believe so he’s got to put on some pounds but I love his tenacity and his technique with his hands. He has a chance to help us in a couple years

I have a lot of respect for the program Boise State developed several years back. They grew up their players. By their 3rd and 4th seasons, they played a real precision game…a bit like Army or AirForce, but they had better athletes. And, they were good. That’s what it seems Pitt is trying to build.

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You can always use kids like this because he looks like the type of kid who will work extremely hard. He already has passion for the game you can see how hard he plays.
Wouldn’t surprise me at all if we see him making a good contribution in a couple of years

Bring me your slightly undersized, your overlooked, your highly motivated yearning to work hard and learn. In a few years they will earn a scholarship and a degree. A few may even go to the league every decade or so.

Not nitpicking but I believe one of the articles stated he was 6’3"

I’d venture about 90% of recruits have a listed range of 1-3 inches and 10-30 lbs. Some of it can be attributed to growth, but a lot is probably wishful thinking, knowing deception by the HS coaches/players, and maybe guesses by the writers. I knew exactly how tall I was and how much I weighed 9th thru 12 grade. I peaked at 6’2 &1/4". If I had been power 5 material I probably would have been listed at 6’3’ for football and 6’4" for basketball. :roll_eyes:

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