Hogs get no votes in latest AP poll

We get 2 votes last week (good for a #40 ranking), win a couple of games, and get no votes this week. Go figure. At least no AP voter gave Kentucky any votes either, as it should be.

SEC teams this week:
Tennessee #12 (only ranked SEC team, and the Vols still haven’t played a game)
Florida - 90 votes (#28)
Missouri - 19 votes (#33)
Alabama - 5 votes (#37)

Only other opponent receiving votes is Oklahoma State - 26 votes (#31). Not a lot of opportunities to beat ranked teams this year, so I guess we will just have to beat all the unranked ones.

That would suggest the SEC has gotten weaker. I thought just the opposite in preseason after a lot of good recruits came into the league. Who knows what it takes to get ranked other than to go beat Gonzaga.

We got 11 votes in the Coaches’ poll - that would equate to #37. A team that gets a minimal number of votes in the AP poll just means their local media members that are voters are placing them at #25, just to give them votes. Arkansas has media members that are voters. However, they have chosen to not give the Hogs a #25 or better vote.

Right. It’s just that 2 voters (Arkansas media or otherwise) voted the Hogs at #25 last week (or one person voted them #24)……. and the same person(s) didn’t do so this week after winning twice. Interesting at least.

By the same token, one coach (likely a staff member or SID personnel) voted 1-3 Kentucky at #25 in today’s poll. That’s ridiculous.

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