Hogs get Joe Tessitore, Todd Blackledge again this week

I was interested to see if ESPN would send them to Auburn or Baton Rouge for the LSU-Ole Miss game, which comes on ESPN after Arkansas-Auburn. This will be the fifth time in seven weekends that they have been on the call for the Razorbacks’ game.

Todd really does his homework, understands the offenses, and communicates clearly. They are both very good at what they do.

I think Tessitore and Blackledge are the best two doing college football right now. I’d rather listen to them than any of the others. Unfortunately, I am in the press box with the sound off. So I don’t hear them. I think it’s a good thing for Arkansas fans because they’ve gotten to hear them a lot. Certainly, they know this team.

No doubt. I get the feeling Joe Tess & Dari Nowkhah are fond of the Hogs & respect the program BB is building

Tessitore definitely does. He spoke at the NWA TD club last week and was very complimentary of the Arkansas program. Clay wrote about it: State of the Hogs: Joe Tessitore has seen plenty to like about Arkansas

Agree that they are two of the best in the business currently. Enjoy their commentary, and it seems both respect our Razorbacks. I actually am pleased when I see them announced as the crew covering the Hogs’ game instead of my usual groans.

I agree with every comment on here And i love JT excitement he brings to the game commentary!! WPS!!

I was at the game but watch the replay but was, as usual, impressed by the crew. Blackledge picks up on things, quickly, in the heat of the moment.

It’s a lot harder than it looks, even for people who played football at a very high level for a along time.

can we just put them on our payroll and find homes for them in the area.i think they are better than herbstreet and fowler :smiley:

Agreed, good crew. I doubt ChuckB got more exited than JoeT when “Santos popped Kelly!”

The roar on that hit was amazing throughout the stadium. I think the best play-by-play guys raise their level to match the crowd roars. They get it. JoeT definitely did.

Awesome!! I love those two!

[quote] I get the feeling Joe Tess & Dari Nowkhah are fond of the Hogs

It is also readily apparent that Holly Rowe loves her some Mrs. and Mr. CBB.

They are my favorite crew by far.

She got a gift from a group of women in NWA, delivered by Coach, as support during her chemotherapy. So yes, she does love the Bielemas. Bret Bielema delivers gift to ESPN reporter battling cancer.