Hogs @ Georgia Game 3

The hogs need a win today.

Yeah you can’t afford to get swept in this league

Sullivan struck out 11 in 6 innings against us 2 years ago hopefully we will do better today…

Yes and we don’t look much better at the plate today. Why can’t the hogs hit line drives? The lazy fly balls stink especially in the wind.

He’s going to pitch up in the zone hoping you will chase and we’re a launch angle team if you make some mistake we got a chance to connect but those that are shoulder heights against the guy throwing this hard are hard to square up

Hagen looks sharp early… good to see

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Glad to get out of the first inning so easily. Hadn’t happened until today. Now we need to hit better.

Sullivan has walked 20 in 41 innings so he will walk you if you will be knowledgeable of the strike zone

Stinking shift cost us a base hit and a double play

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That ball was hit hard. Off the bat I thought it was a base hit up the middle

Second baseman standing behind the bag or it would have been a clean base hit

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Just turned it on. Assuming Coll is injured otherwise surely he would be starting after getting 2 hits last night and playing solid defense :roll_eyes:

No I don’t think he’s injured and I don’t get it why he’s not out there either… two hits and turned a double play… looked pretty solid to me.

Can we let our pitchers bat vs Bolton?

Yeah that was a sarcastic response.

That was strike 3 watch this guy rip one now… Smith was agitated by that … cannot let it get to him

What at least Diggs caught it LOL

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Tough inning for Hagan, but at least we allowed no runs. Now we need an inning with several hit and BB’s

We keep swinging at these shoulder high fast balls it’s going to be a long day

Or strike out on 3 straight pitches