Hogs games this year vs Today's Top 25, Zero!

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this, or whether I’m even correct, but looking at both the AP & Coaches Polls, I don’t think we have played a single team that is in the Top 25 (in these two polls) this season. For this to happen this late in the season seems unprecedented. Of course, that won’t the case by tomorrow night…

LSU was ranked #12 or something like that when we played them.

But LSU isn’t in the Top 25 right now. They dropped out this week. I’m talking about the Top 25 polls released today. Edited the original post.

Got it. But you did say “we haven’t played a single team in the TOP 25 this season”. At the time, LSU was ranked #12 when we played them, so we have played a ranked team this season.

Yes, you are correct. I was referring to the polls released today. My mistake in how I worded it.

There were plenty of years in the SWC that we never played a ranked team.

The rest of the SWC teams got to play a ranked team most years playing Sutton and the Hogs.

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SOS at #93…just plain weak. On the other hand, we only have 5 losses.

Our SOS is about to take a quantum leap. Gotta protect The Bud and the rest will take care of itself.


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