Hogs' Gafford goes against game's best

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he said he was out if shape…how?? don’t we have a offseason conditioning like Football?? can’t beleive he would show up to something like that not prepared to be your best.

There’s “in shape” and there’s in “basketball game” shape. Clearly, with an NBA GM raving about Gafford and how he ran the floor and dominated at both ends, Daniel was in shape. What makes him great, is that he’s never satisfied with where is with his game or his fitness. If there’s anything I’m not worried about with this team, it’s whether Gafford will be in shape to play great basketball for the Hogs this fall. Now, for all the newcomers this fall, it may be a different story.

I wondered about that too. It is possible that off-season conditioning is voluntary in both sports until a certain point off the off-season and Gafford chose to not apply himself as much.