Hogs football schedule

We need to just relax. Yes, Georgia is very good this year. They will be hard to beat.

Pittman respects Georgia. He does not fear Georgia. This team is fearless and tough and will play hard Saturday. The winner of this game takes a giant step towards the football playoff.

We have a very good TEAM this year. We have the opportunity to make a loud statement to the college football world.

Even if we lose, Arkansas is now a team that other teams dread to play. Sam Pittman, in less than 2 years, has led the Hogs out of the cellar of the Sec. With Coach Pittman, the Hogs have won the toughness contest vs every team we have played this year.

We probably won’t win the Sec west this year. We may lose a game or two. But Razorback Football is no longer an embarrassment for the fans or the laughing stock of the SEC. I feel that we can and will compete with the best of the Sec.

We may not beat Georgia or Alabama this year, but I bet neither Smart nor Saban will overlook the Hogs.

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Amen Gentry. If all the refs and SEC officials are out to get us, why might as well drop sports. We have no chance.

The crying gets old.

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