Hogs football schedule

Well it’s pretty simple how our hogs took a blind side screw job by the SEC office with scheduling!
Last year in a 10 game SEC schedule only they gave our hogs the extra 2 games Florida and Georgia!
This year we are the lucky West team to get Georgia again. Wow! Real slick move by Greg Stinkey and his crew
They fail with refs, and show no competence with scheduling!
I’m still amazed the review by the refs wasn’t over turned in our game.
Just think if our hogs played any one else from the east other than Georgia next week. Put Vandy, Tennessee, Kentucky or South Carolina in the spot next week and we would have a lot better chance not only to win but have a schedule that would be a little more balanced and fair compared to other teams in the conference.


No kidding. Last year we had GA, FL and TN. Put any east team in but none of those three. If we had UK, SC, or VU instead of UGA we’d likely have 1 more win this year. Maybe a 10 or 11 win season.

After typing that I think to myself, let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves. Every SEC team is still capable of beating us and we are capable of beating UGA. Still, I like our chances of getting 9 wins. Without UGA, I’d like our chances to get 10. After 9 years of football misery, I can’t believe I”m saying that. Wouldn’t have 3 weeks ago—or even yesterday morning

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I hear you Armyhog, but you have to look at it as the SEC head office looks at it. They generate big big money by having 1 or 2 teams make the playoffs and others make big New Years Day bowls. So I have little doubt that when scheduling is done its not looked at as how to be fair and balanced to all teams in the SEC. I’m sure its looked at as how to maximize the most money and opportunities. Now lets face it for the better part of a decade Arkansas has been little more than an in conference rent-a-win. That sucks but its been true, and so of course we are getting the cream of the crop from the east division. Easy wins are what they need and Arkansas provided that.

I hope now with same Pittman there that Arkansas will once again become a team that may or may not be a national contender but damn well will be one that will be so physical that teams will still feel it the next week and think to themselves “damn I don’t want any part of Arkansas”.


We need to get over the poor poor Arkansas, the SEC is picking on us

Take the schedule, kick tail, and move on.

If we don’t like it, recruit better, coach better and play better (We are doing all that with CSP)

Do you think Alabama is bit worried about a tough schedule? They play anyone, anywhere. Focus on the process, not the opponent. That’s what CSP does.

We, as fans, need to get over the woe is me and accept the fact that our team is danged good, Georgia is a heck of a measuring stick, and we by gosh are going to give it our best shot and see what we learn from it.



You’re right in many ways, but it’s hard to get good when your schedule is loaded with the best. At the end of the season we will still be measured by our record, not by the fact we had both UGA and Bama on it.

The schedule is the schedule. The rotation was set up years ago that we were going to play Georgia this year (last year was the screw job). Marty has had the rotation posted in the FAQ thread for years. We play the West, we play Misery, and this year we get Jawja. Next year we get the Chickens.

Of course I know by now that Army will see a conspiracy in a rotation that was set up when A&M and Misery joined the league. It’s just a bad schedule and I hope they take the opportunity to fix it when OU and EOE-A join.

But as long as we’re in the West and the West is the better division, our schedule is going to be brutal, no matter who we play from the East.

They can fix that too by going to pods/permanent rivals, by the way.


Well Swine the fact remains the hogs got screwed. Last season to have a 10 game SEC schedule! Florida and Georgia were just pulled out of the hat!
This season we get Georgia again!
This is about as fair as the SEC replay system!
Heck Auburn got help to win yesterday.

Our hogs are tough and yes they have to play the schedule but in doesn’t change the facts!

We knew 10 years ago we’d play Georgia this year. That makes it not a screw job. And it makes you paranoid, but we already knew that.

What we have to remember is that the rest of the country sees the schedule strength as well. A 3-loss Arkansas won’t be slotted too far behind, if at all, a 2-loss team from the B12 or Pac12. Running the gauntlet means you are at least one game better than the other teams.


Getting way ahead of ourselves here, but let’s say we finish 11-1 with the only loss at Bama against the #1 SOS. That would absolutely get us into the CFP.

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We need to work better with the SEC office to ensure a better schedule.

Or just accept that we will always be hosed by that office.

We will play anybody anywhere of course.

But it does not have to consistently be such an unfavorable schedule or so it seems

Until they go to a nine game schedule, or drop divisions, or both, it’s not going to change. We can only get Vandy or SoCar four out of 12 years with the current format.

I’m sure Georgia won’t be taking this game lightly. With a far worse team last year at least for a half until they changed QBs it was a competitive game. I think Kentucky football is on a course a lot like ours. On the surface it seems some of the middle tier teams Ole Miss included may be changing the SEC hierarchy. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Alabama with two losses at seasons end.

I think Georgia has a better head coach than Texas or Texas A&M.

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This year’s Georgia game has been on the 2021 schedule for seven years. The East-West rotation was set for 12 years beginning with 2014.

The screw job was giving us Florida and Georgia last year.

And oh yeah….there was the Auburn screw job. :grimacing:


Follow the money.

Amen! I realize that we got screwed in the old SWC. When we’ve lost to Vandy in recent memory, why would the SEC think we can beat anyone else. I get tired of the “We got screwed, It wasn’t our fault”. You can’t deposit fault in the bank so all you can do is take responsibility for it and figure out a way to win. We are clearly on course for that so I’d rather celebrate that than complain.


From the FAQ thread:

… for the next 12 years.

2014 vs. Georgia;
2015 at Tennessee;
2016 vs. Florida;
2017 at South Carolina;
2018 vs. Vanderbilt;
2019 at Kentucky;
2020 vs. Tennessee;
2021 at Georgia;
2022 vs. South Carolina;
2023 at Florida;
2024 vs. Kentucky,
2025 at Vanderbilt.

Permanent opponents in 2018, 20, 22, and 24

  • Home – Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss
  • Away – Auburn, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Missouri
  • Sites alternate home and away through 2025.
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