Hogs @ Florida

Well it’s almost time to tip off. In a little less than 45 minutes. I hope the hogs play hard and fight!

Where’s Chaney? Did I miss something?

Dunno bout Chaney.

How is that not a foul on Sills drive to the hole?

Sills was hammered.

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We have no offense.

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Cyllia was hammered there too! CEM better get on these refs. It’s horrible with the one way whistle!

Yes, no offense and suspect on defense.

Well Cyllia passed up the open 3 drives to the hole gets fouled! Makes both free throws. That’s a start.

This is going to be a serious beat down.

We just played some horrible Defense for 30 seconds and give the corner man the base line for a darn layup! Stupid!
Man we are sloppy with the ball turning it over too.

Yes, looks like another double digit loss.

We are not playing hard nose basketball or valuing our possessions. I do wish our bigs would go up strong, instead of changing our shot on the way up. WPS

Sometimes basketball is simple. 2-13 from field beats no one, much less florida.

Walking don’t help. Wow

What happened to our offense?

You mean Mason?

He’s our offense, but he needs help.

Hum! Too much dribbling and turning the ball over. Passing up the open shot and coughing up the pumpkin! On the the defensive end we can’t turn the opponent and they are getting anything they want!