Hogs+ finally gets it done

I much prefer watching videos on my TV. I watch all of the WHS videos through the app (although watching the same introductory ad over ad over and over gets a little old and there is no way to mark videos as viewed.)
I had spoken to Jason Carroll about the issue and he assured me that an app was coming. I have had issues using the internet browser while trying to watch Hogs+ (crashes, unable to scroll to all options, etc.). But now I can get to all of the old classic games, etc.


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Having been through an app creation and launch, it is a tedious process.

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Haven’t found it yet on my Firestick

@blackhogdown Go to the Apps icon (3 small squares and a +) without clicking on it. You will see My Apps and Appstore just below. Select Appstore and search for Hogs (mine wouldn’t let me input the “+”). Hogs+ should be one of the first few apps available.

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Wish I could use my Roku to get it. Or…could use TV’s Android apps also to access it. But neither currently available. Hope they don’t stop where they are (i.e., continue to release apps to other platforms)

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Will this app stream all Hogs sports?

It is Hogs+, not a game streaming app.

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