Hogs entering easier part of the schedule

Ole Miss
@South Carolina

6 out of those 7 are winnable games. It is likely, Hogs could be looking at 18-5 at the end of this stretch and a #4seed.

Remaining 8 games is a more challenging part of the schedule. But at that point it is projected that Nick comes back to give us a boost.

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Which one is not winnable?

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I would say Baylor

Baylor. Of course every game is winnable, but that one seems more difficult than the others,

After Vanderbilt beat us last year, I take nothing as easy.


Until something is solved offensively I see a lot of nailbitters

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Our hogs better find out how to score early and often to build leads and force the opponent into playing fast.

Until our Hogs prove they can win an SEC road game I’d say you can’t place any future road games in the win column.
If we are going to project future W/L I can look at the last eight games and see 5 games that they could lose with what we’ve seen from our Hogs so far.
No way to predict when NSJ might be back and if so how long it takes for him to feel comfortable on the floor and in game shape.
No sense in projecting future W/L.
This team needs to focus on this next game and then the next one and we will see how things shake out in a few weeks.
Could get better or it could get real bad quickly.

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…or it could get real bad quickly.

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