Hogs enter coaches poll at #20

Misery and EOE-K both dropped out of the top 25.

Too bad about Misery & EOE-K. Would prefer that these teams that we recently beat remain ranked so that our wins appear more significant against formidable opponents.

I’m a bit surprised that MO dropped out. They looked pretty good in their last game with Tillman back. They are a team, when all healthy, I would like to avoid in the SEC (and NCAA) Tourney.

Missouri will jump right back in next week. I hope so anyway. I think the Kentucky loss showed some real weaknesses in the Tennessee teams true grit! They failed to show toughness at home! The hogs need to beat Bama and let their hair hang down and let the loose ends drag on Wednesday night. Nothing else matters right now.

Poll doesn’t matter to the committee. They’re still Q1 on the road, where we beat Mizzou.

Not worried about the committee. Prefer beating teams that are upward trending rather than downward so that we better understand our own capabilities, especially going into the tournament.

#26 is Mo and #27 it EOE-K, they still got some cred