Hogs drop to #24 in AP poll

Baylor- 1 unanimously
Alabama- 6
Auburn - 13
Tennessee -18
LSU - 19

Hogs 19th in coaches poll.

I figure somewhere around 20 is where we belong right now

I think both of those are generous. We have the horses to be ranked, but we’ve not played like a top 25 team.


Until the hogs come out and play a complete game it’s all fools gold. They lack the discipline to play solid defense at the 3 point line! The lack of basketball IQ showed its ugly face in the OU game. Get the ball down 3 and dribble out of control between 2 defenders! Someone was open and there’s always time to make a better decision! Those type plays out old MO on the bench of OU.
Play like a top 25 team and they can move up come up the current pace of play and fall it’s on the coaches amd players.

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Auburn on most nights is the SEC best, long and lean with a lot of athleticism and skill.

I have watched Bama and Auburn several times… Bama is playing better than last year in big games.

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