Hogs drop to #11 in AP

Arizona #4 after winning Maui, Creighton is #7.

Cougar High moved to #1.

UNC dropped to #18 and if they lose to Indiana this week could fall out entirely.

Duke 17th, UNC 18th, Kentucky 19th.

Here is a voter-by-voter look at Arkansas in this week’s poll. One person did not rank the Razorbacks:

Who is Crammer affiliated with? That is just absurd.

Most interesting to me was Arkansas not being included on one ballot, Vitale dropping the Razorbacks 20 places in one week, and the reporter for the Honolulu paper dropping them from six spots.

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Curious where you would have voted us, Scottie? I would have us at about 7 or 8 (objectively), and I have watched every team in the poll. Pav, what say you? Larry? PJ?

She had us 10th the previous week. I’ll bet this was her dig at Muss because of what she read in the San Diego newspaper article and other places. Could be the same for Vitale who dropped us 20 spots.

If that’s right, it’s totally ridiculous.

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I’m interested in learning why Vitale dropped the Hogs 20. 2-1 trip last week, losing by a bucket at games end to Creighton. What did he rate Creighton?

I have my doubts Vitale even does his own poll. If people are voting due to the one-sided reporting of the San Diego paper, instead of what their own eyes tell them, then their credentials should be revoked. Not ranked at all, c’mon!

He voted them 7th.

I would have probably had the Hogs 8th, but anywhere between 8th and 10th would have been fine with me. One spot below Creighton. Even though the refs took our win away, I’m sure many poll voters probably didn’t see our game and just voted on the results.

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This poll don’t mean squat! One voter didn’t even list our hogs. Take this and flush it right down the toilet! Cougar high had a get home cooking to survive a game. I drop a game by 3 and drop.

I’d have probably placed Arkansas 8 or 9. Going toe-to-toe with a top 10 team and losing on a neutral floor then beating a top 20 team doesn’t merit falling, to me anyway.


Jeremy I would have us around 10. I’ve watched every team in the current poll. We could beat or lose to any of them.

I know that Vitale does not do his poll. An ESPN staffer handles all that and they put Vitale’s name on it.

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Regardless of limited on-court results to date, I find it hard to get too upset with a #11 ranking when our “best” player has yet to enter a game.

Me neither, but I just don’t know how anybody that has watched us could have unranked.

Anyway, on to Troy. Go Hogs!

I was about to comment on the vitale vote. His personal, on air erratic histrionics now shows up in his voting (I know hes suffering with the horrible disease of cancer - for which i wish him comfort and peace)…but him dinging us 20 spots for basically losing to top 10 creighton says hes not paying attention, for whatever reason. Makes me wonder if he like some others may have been more influenced by the off court matters than by our play on court.

Vitale dropped us from 2 to 22. That’s a long drop.