Hogs commit Quincy Rhodes flashes SEC ability

Yeah I really like him. We are bringing in some difference makers, we just need to continue to do so.

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Youda, 2023 and 2024 give us a chance to bring in the scarcest player in the recruiting game - DL. WR and RB are a dime a dozen, but DL (and QB, and cover corner) are really tough to find. We’ve got two in the next class who are elite players, and Rhodes looks like it as well.

Curious if you’ve watched tape on the two DL commits from GA. They are monstrously large! How much is having an immovable force in the middle of the line and how much is having an athlete who can do things from the middle?

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no I haven’t but Ga always some massive DL Studs and why Ga is always so good up front. I will check them out…The DL is where we have to improve the most in recruiting IMO.

You Have to have a NG That has to be to doubled,now he can be massive like Jordan Davis from Ga last yr or a guy like Aaron Donald is too strong and quick to solo,either way you have to have that if you are going to run 3 man front bc if not they will combo you to death…
we are bringing in some incredible linebackers with tremendous speed who will absolutely light you up!! Spence and Sanford will tear your head off!!

The only DT I see committed to us from Ga is the Johnson kid and he is a big boy for sure! will probably have to work a little bit on his pad level but he has what you can’t teach which is size LOL and that’s always a good starting point look forward to seeing how he does for us…

we have an even bigger offensive tackle from Georgia who looks like he’s got a lot of potential too

Both of the GA kids are DL, I think: Ian Gefrard and Stephen Johnson.

Johnson: seems to have modestly quick feet, but gets erect out of his stance really quickly - https://www.hudl.com/profile/16208610/Stephen-Johnson

Gefrard: almost funny how much larger he is than anyone else in the video - https://www.hudl.com/profile/11473321/Ian-Geffrard

It will finally be good to have the size that Georgia normally has on the DL, both will have to work on getting lower because as we both know if your first move is up you’re going to be taking for a ride even at their size.

Youda, it looks like we got Richard busy! Thanks to Richard for posting Johnson’s senior season highlights in the recruiting forum. He is an exciting prospect.

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He’ll probably redshirt but definitely has potential.

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Yeah he’s got what you can’t teach and that is size he will just have to work on getting his pad level down. Looks to have pretty good strength but like most high schoolers he can use a year to get stronger but I’m just glad we’re getting somebody who’s already SEC size to begin with

Thanks for the replies! I much prefer a player embracing the redshirt season vs. insisting on playing, and then not being able to contribute much. Trading 30-40 plays as a true frosh for a full season as a 22-year old RS-JR or RS-SR is not even close to a fair trade. The way to compensate for not getting the elite of the elite is to get them in the program and keep them there so that they are smarter and more developed athletically/physically.

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