Hogs+ - Clint vs Pat Bradley

Yesterday’s Hogs+ halftime show was fantastic. I laughed until I hurt this morning watching the replay of Clint and Pat going after each other. Also, I don’t know who the girl is who moderates that show, but she is really, really good. For those who don’t have Hogs+, at the end of the show, Clint made a great offer for new members.

By the way, Pat comes on screen for about the last 3/4ths of the program.


Her name is AJ McCord. She formerly covered sports for a television station in Portland, OR. She is extremely engaging, and as you say, really good. Pat and Clint with AJ moderating could do a great podcast.

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AJ also worked at 40/29 (ABC affiliate in NWA) covering the Hogs and other sports here in the very recent past.

She did work for 40/29 before going back to the west coast and then she left the Portland station this Spring coming back to NWA. She has been with Nexstar Media Group that nationally owns 199 local television stations including KNWA in Rogers and KARK in Little Rock among others. Her husband reportedly attended UAMS. She has a solid background covering everything from the Superbowl, the Rose Bowl, and of course, the Portland Trail Blazers. Added to that experience is a broadcasting internship with the late Dick Enberg and the Padres. She well could be an independent contractor in her Nexstar association doing features for major sporting events in a similar fashion to Tera Talmadge’s RRS sideline coverage Saturday for SECN.

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