Hogs-Cincy drew 2.9 million viewers

Which was 8th out of 10 games on the ABC/ESPN platforms last weekend.

8th out of 10? That’s surprising, especially considering the Georgia Oregon game at the same time was a total blow out.

Well the other 7 games with more viewers were really big market teams or in a time slot with no other football games for competition. Can Pittman become a national media darling once again this year and make the hogs a prime time commodity or will we just have to make it to the sec championship game to become a national brand? I guess it doesn’t really matter what the tv ratings are but would be nice to get more night games

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Keep in mind the game was on ESPN. Cable numbers are always going to be smaller than over-the-air numbers on CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX.

The Arkansas-Cincinnati numbers were nearly the same as Florida-Utah on ESPN later that day.

Yes, correct, and we were in competition with UGA/Oregon, which was on free tv at that time. If those games had been flip flopped the viewers may have been as well.

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