Hogs @ Cats.

Well the good and bad in the game so far.
We rebound and then just give it back for a gummies bucket. And of course our PG doesn’t come to the ball. He just watched in astonishment.
The hogs are playing good defense we just are getting a lot fouls on us and as usual no calls on our end when we drive.
Joe is hot!

Responded well after DG went to the bench. But now Bailey has two fouls too. We’re gonna run out of bigs at this rate.

Come on Hogs!! Beat Kentucky!!

playing amazingly well…go get em guys!! Chaney showing he can make a few shots,very promising.

Team effort, best we’ve looked in awhile !! WPS

fouls will decide this game. The hogs have played a good first half. Joe came to play.
Sills has been good and so has Chaney.

Mikes system will work if he has the players. We don’t have the depth to make it work this year. It is working tonight so far though.
Love the fight in this team tonight.

Zone D has caused the Felines to be off balance so far, halftime adjustments coming! WPS

Don’t tell the CMA haters that, this style died in the 90’s according to them.

One thing is crystal clear, obvious and without debate.

At least for a half in Rupp, against a illegitimate program, The Great X and O’s coach Cal, was easily outcoached, by a apparent idiot who can’t spell x or o, all with his best player on the bench.


We may not win this game but that was a hilarious first half on so many levels. Great coach, … please. He would be better off if he just rolled it out there. That’s how they will come back and win this game. Not with the coaching of the Great Cal.

Obviously the big question will be how do we respond when UK makes a run. The tendency to wilt has been our bugaboo in numerous games.

Hoping for some poise and smart basketball. By far the best half we have played so far. Can we make it a complete game?

We’ve been resting Ibby and Ethan all year for this game broham

I loved the steal and pass to Joe who buried the three right in front of him. Cal immediately had the surrender cobra out

Kentucky’s intensity will be at another level in this half. How well Arkansas handles it will decide the game.

Hard to see the Cats turning the ball over like they did in the first half. Advantage Cats.

I looked outside to see if it was a full moon or an eclipse! There’s always hope

I’m thinking AR needs to come out and go on a 10-0 run. If not, I think you’re exactly right with what happens. A 10-0 run may shell shock them into turning it over

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ibby’s not even there.

Good news for us that Herro tweaked his ankle.

Come on Hogs!! Beat little Blue!!

I live in Kentucky and if we somehow hold on here i am going to be absolutely elated and will absolutely go do a loud HOG CALL on my front porch. I don’t expect it though.

Hey, Mike drew up a play

Why in the world would Jalen Harris take a contested 18 foot shot early in the shot clock when we have all the momentum. He makes the absolute worst decisions in the most critical times, that play alone started their run. You can’t make mistakes like that against the #4 team in the country on the road.