Hogs, Cats get heated in SEC Championship game (Story)...

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Duddley the flagrant foul should be called on both ends and both ways. T’s for unsportsmanlike conduct should also be called both ways. The hogs getting beat was clearly because of poor shooting and turn overs. I have not looked at a box score for fouls but I can say this with confidence this game was not called anything like last nights game!
Monk and Fox commites acts in that game much more excessive and flagrant than Mosses or Dusty. They did not even review the elbow on the jaw that Mosses took. Beard took one a few games back to the jaw and Beard got the foul! Mosses turned shooting the ball it should have been an and one. Mosses got the the flagrant foul! Which way is it. Now Mosses is fading away most of the time. One thing for sure. If Mosses was a foul then Beard’s play should haven’t been a foul. It’s not fair and wrong. I’m not happy about the way our players acted but I don’t blame them at all! They stood up for each other.