Hogs can't even get any respect on SNF, Al Michaels

calls out Trey Flowers name and says from the University of Alabama. Dam we just can’t get out from under there shadow

He corrected himself and I think he was well aware of the mistake he made.

Yep, even said those fans in Fayetteville were probably upset with him.

Haha yea I heard thet, this Ca hog fan was

Trey got another sack and they mentioned Arkansss again and Collinsworth mentioned how he remembered him very well from college at Arkansas.

I heard that. I did not hear him correct himself. Maybe he did. I heard him just roll on until they got a chance to mention him again later. I was moving around the house during the game and didn’t see all of it, but I did hear him say Alabama. I did hear him say it right later, but I didn’t hear him say he was wrong or “correct” himself.

Trey is from Huntsville, Alabama. Maybe that’s where he got confused.

I didn’t hear him say Bama, I was actually talking to my son at the time. When they said Trey Flowers, my son goes, "Wait is that? I said Yes the Razorback. I guess while we were saying that Michaels said Bama. I do know a few plays later he said Trey Flowers went to college at Arkansas not Alabama, then said the guys in Fayetteville are probably upset with me comments.

I think you’re right about him being from Alabama is what caused the confusion.

He corrected himself Clay. Said he didn’t want the folks in Fayetteville to get mad at him…I’m paraphrasing but it was something like that.

Good. I must have walked away for that. Maybe I’d gone in the next room to tell my wife, because I’m a big Trey Flowers fan and it disappointed me to hear him do that.