Hogs bouncing back and forth in Lunardi's bracketologyway

They are an 8 seed today, a nine seed last week and an 8 seed 2 weeks ago. The SEC has just 5 teams in the tourney today.

TN - 2
MO - 4
AR - 8
FL - 8
LSU - 10

The only SEC team even in the bubble is OM in the next four out. Looks like about the only way for the Hogs to get a really good seed (4 or higher) is to beat both TN and MO, win all home games, and win most of our road SEC games.

This is about the opposite of what I expected from the SEC this season. It appeared the teams recruited very well and I expected it to look like the 2017/18 season.

Part of that movement is predicated by what other SEC teams are doing. If you make out NCAA brackets properly - not just by record/NET ranking - you’ve also got to factor in how quickly you might run into other SEC teams if you both advance. That’s why you sometime see a team move up or down a level even when they haven’t played, or their rankings haven’t changed.

I haven’t analyzed the field to know who did what in the SEC that might have affected us, but you can bet it’s a factor with Lunardi, who does take things like that into consideration. Palm, on the other hand, goes strictly by his rankings.

Yes. In reality there is zero difference between an 8 or a 9 seed since they play each other in the first game of the tourney and there is no home court advantage involved.

I guess there is a minor difference in bracketology predictions only since you are supposedly one step further from dropping into the bubble with an 8 seed.

Kentucky’s 1-6 record has a whole lot to do with the way the SEC is looked at.
It’s very possible for our hogs to win 20 games and still be a 8 or 9 seed.

Bracket Matrix is still following 31 brackets. We’re in the field in 29 of them, ranging from a 4 seed to a 12 seed, with the average putting us at 8.66. Of course Selection Sunday is now 75 days away and a lot of things are going to happen before then.

I know Lunardi and Palm are paid attention to because of whom they work for, but they are actually pretty far down the list when it comes to predicting accurately.

I’d recommend following this guy instead: https://twitter.com/bracketguydave?s=21

That’s exactly why I follow Bracket Matrix, because it aggregates a lot of opinions which removes the outliers. Or should I say the outliers in either direction cancel themselves out. It just so happens that Lunardi and Bracket Matrix generally agree right now (Palm hasn’t updated his bracket in a month), but that’s not always the case.

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