Hogs' bench shaky again in home opener

It’s early, but the Razorbacks’ bench hasn’t been a plus through two games – 16 total points, 5/24 shooting. I asked Mike, Adrio and Mason Jones about that: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … me-opener/

the 2nd 5 is an instant buzzkill,not a scorer on the floor when we do and IMO that is why you see the flow of the game totally change.we don’t really have but 2-3 shooters on the team and for us to win they are going tio have to play a lot of minutes.

On the plus side, the FT shooting was better. Still not where it needs to be but Bailey and Gafford did better than normal.

I am surprised at the negative headline. I would have highlighted improved Adrio Bailey.

I am not worried. I am betting Embery and Chaney will find their footing eventually and start scoring at a higher clip. Plus I am hoping Phillips returns soon, Thus is just Game 2. Mike never has had all things clicking thus early, even with a veteran club.

As far as Adrio, it is clear he has worked a lot onhis jump shot. He is playing with confidence and swagger, If he continues thus trend, he has a good shot at securing the 4 as a starter and make this another player development success.

My worry right now is not seeing a dramatic improvement from Gafford that I was hoping for. That could hurt our chances for NCAAT.

I’m hoping to do something prior to the Indiana game to highlight Bailey’s game, which has been a huge plus through two games. I went with this angle because it’s different and I think it could potentially be a big storyline with this team. If the bench doesn’t produce I fear it will strain the core guys and increase their minutes, which could lead to wear and tear down the line.

You’ve got to have some punch off the bench offensively. Keyshawn Embery-Simpson I think can provide some of that, and Chaney, too, in time. Sills and Gabe are more in-tuned on the defensive end and any offense they give you is a bonus. Not saying they won’t get going, just something I’m keeping a close eye on.

Chaney and Gabe need a refresher on what a good shot is. I think that Gabe is completely out of control on offense. He makes some really bad decisions when he has the ball. JMO.

With a team this young + the way MA experiments, it’s way too early to worry about bench depth. This probably isn’t a team that can handle the platoon system, though.

“This probably isn’t a team that can handle the platoon system, though.” I agree. Mike seems to have tipped his hand that he too agrees. He’s been leaving either Joe or Jones on the floor with the 2nd group for 2-3 minutes, and then sending the other one in as his replacement for the last couple minutes. This way that 2nd group always has at least one good scorer. I think that’s a really good solution for now. Perhaps later either Phillips or Henderson will develop enough that this won’t be necessary and Mike can platoon 5 players. Also, Embery is beginning to show that he too can be a scorer.

Agreed. I think the bench players just need to see a few shots go through the net. Gabe definitely needs to start taking what the defense is giving him instead of just deciding that he is going to shoot, though. Also, it will be easier for each of them to get some confidence if they get some run with several starters on the floor with them. Phasing the rotations may be a necessity all season.

Hum? Help me to understand the value of directing those specific questions to the players, I clearly understand addressing our bench scoring struggles with the coach and staff. Personally I think the game needs to slow down for some of them little more to over come those nerves as a first year player or second for instance Gabe

I asked because Mason and Adrio go against those guys every day in practice and because they’re starters whose minutes could be impacted by a lack of bench production, like vs. Texas. I thought they provided some good insight and were thoughtful in their answers.

It’s going to be a single file line off the bench unfortunately, Coach A is going to have to blend them in one at a time, instead of multiple. I was hoping these guys would be playing over their head but doesn’t look promising at this point.

Give the boys time & build some chemistry.