Hogs beat out Bama, numerous others for touted D-lineman


Very good verbal…. Now we need to keep him and add Lindsey, and Collins (I don’t care what he experienced at LSU last night!) get this DL fixed!

Big Time pick up! Will Anderson type athleticism… hopefully he can start working on getting some DT of his caliber in here

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Really good news for the Hogs!
Good timing for some good news!!


Great news young man. Sam and the State appreciate this!!

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I thought he was 2023… He’s 2024 and that’s a long ways away… Just got to hope we hold on to this stud

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I wish he could be here for Spring practice.

Great news, thank you for your commitment Kavion Henderson! WPS

I’m just proud to see a real DL commit. It would be nice for him to be in the class of 23 but the class of 24 sure got a hit start with him. Welcome aboard.

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yeah he’s a beast! we need many more just like him!!

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