Hogs-Bears championship game on cable somewhere

There are three 6 p.m. games in the NCAA today and three TV openings on the ESPN family. Auburn-Florida State will be on ESPN2. That leaves us and Kentucky-NC State for SECN and ESPNU. According to the ESPN listings page, not determined yet.

There are at least 11 NCAA games today. SEC is in seven of them. Maybe 8 if Moo U forces a winner take all game with Southern Miss.

Swine is like for our game to be aired but it won’t suprise me a bit if it’s not! Proud we have the game to play and hope this time next week we are still talking about the next game and TV time!

SEC Network could start showing it as soon as Florida’s game finishes. The Network is showing a double listing at 6 Central , with NCAA regional baseball being one of the listings. I find it hard to believe that the SEC Network would not pick up live regional baseball finals vs. starting their endless summer of re-runs early.

If they show baseball in the evening slot, it would be us or Kentucky. I suppose they might switch back and forth.

ESPNU has Vanderbilt-Clemson at 3. They could switch to us afterward. Or not.

Here is the listing for the championship game on ESPN Watch for ESPN3 (middle).


I couldn’t find the second game on Sling TV last night, so I had to access ESPN3 directly through ESPN Watch in order to watch it.

As of now, the only broadcast for the game is ESPN3.com and the ESPN app.