Hogs basketball loss to South Carolina

There’s a few obvious things that happen when there’s a game in any sport. There will be a loser and a winner. When each and everyone looks at our basketball Hogs we see where the roster has it’s weakness. They fight and play hard! They just had their best night rebounding of the year and lost by 2 points!
We have a new football coach and we have all said how much it would be nice to see improvement! I hope we can give Coach Musselman and Coach Pittman the time to make improvements to the roster and get things rolling!
If you listen to CEM in his press conference you may notice his views are no different than ours. He talked about the T on the support staff member, missing free throws and the 26- 3 point attempts. Settling for a 3 and not driving to the hole where they were successful against TCU.
The hogs are going to war every game with a sling shot and the other teams has guns.
We have a first year basketball coach and football coach. They are in the midst of signing their first recruiting class. It takes a little time to get things rolling. Our expectations for our hogs need to be realistic in basketball and football.

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