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I have a couple of questions about the pitching staff. I don’t follow baseball recruiting as closely as I do the other sports. I see where they are always ranked pretty high so I assume we are getting some of the top players at all positions. It also seems like we have struggled to find the Saturday and Sunday guy the past two seasons. I read the board and I get the feeling that some of our hardcore baseball followers are surprised by our pitching struggles as well. Have we failed to get some of the top pitchers or do we have some on the roster that just need a little more time to develop? Is there a consensus that this pitching staff is starting to take shape for the road to Omaha? Thanks

The reason we are ranked in Top 5 in all the polls is because of pitching and defense. That is also the reason we have the second best record in the strongest conference in college baseball.

Imo, our starters are good. Our bullpen is exceptional.

More runs are scored in college baseball than professional, probably due in large part to metal bats.

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I think it’s really hard to find three very consistent starters on the weekend because there are some really good hitting teams that are very experienced due to the covid year. I think our starters have been a little bit inconsistent but when you add our bullpen to them you have a top five pitching staff in the nation. I feel good if we have the lead after 6 innings. Smith is only 18 years old which is mind-boggling to me. He’s been a little bit inconsistent but that’s to be expected that his age. Wiggins is still learning how to pitch,right now he’s probably throwing more than pitching but he was solid today so hopefully he’s rounding into form and can keep it going in postseason. This team’s defense is elite and if we can just keep from walking people I think our pitchers are good enough to keep them from barreling up too many balls.

The injury to Paulette changed the starting rotation! He was probably going to be the Friday night starter. So if you put Wiggins or Smith in the bullpen there’s some more punch added.
Our pitching staff has been steady despite the loss of the Number 1!

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The announcers at the start of today’s game were talking about how Auburn had one of the best Sunday starters in the country. We kicked his butt.

And Army is right. Pallette would have been #1, Noland #2 and Smith #3 in all likelihood, That injury changed the rotation.

I would not be shocked, either, if McEntire replaces Wiggy on Sundays. Or game 3 of a regional.


Yes the starter for Auburn had dominated pretty much every team he faced until he faced Tennessee last week… he had been a lockdown starter for them so for us to knock him out in 2+ innings was very impressive… We came out swinging and didn’t stop, 10 hits in the first three innings best we hit all year early.

Wiggins really very solid today should have three up three down inning in the first. He wasn’t perfect but he commanded his curveball better and spotted up his fastball out of the zone much better today than in his last two or three outings.I think McIntyre will be our long inning guy just in case our starters don’t get it done.

Reading this board you’d think we were in last place in the west instead of 4th in the country.


Smith and Wiggins have both been good more than they have been bad, and Noland has been solid with the exception of a couple of outings. I think most teams would love to have the success Arkansas’ rotation has had this season.

That isn’t to say there aren’t shaky weekends, but I think it’s important to remember that it’s college baseball. Pitchers are going to be more inconsistent than they are at higher levels.


Yes, the pitching — including the weekend starters — has been exceptional this year. Far better than expected when Paulette went down. The staff is also very deep. With Will McEntire, it’s even deeper now. Hard to imagine anyone complaining about Arkansas’ pitching this season. Or defense. The offense has been a bit of a disappointment from a consistency standpoint, but as you saw this weekend, it is certainly capable. Adding Diggs and getting Bohrofen back juiced things up a bit. I like this team.


Arkansas ranks fifth nationally in ERA and 12th in WHIP with two weekends to play.

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If we continue to swing the bats like we did at Auburn, I like this team’s chances in the postseason.


Yes I totally agree about the additions of Diggs and Bohro… that’s two very powerful bats that you have to deal with.

I saw us become much more aggressive this weekend for the most part especially yesterday, we went up there ready to swing the bat and the first pitch they saw in the zone they went after it and webb absolutely crushed his on the first pitch he saw which is great because he usually takes a lot of first pitches.

I think if this team can hit the ball the way they did yesterday then there’s not a team in the country that we can’t beat.

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