Hogs @ Bama

Well let’s have some fun and predict the next road game. Score and who wins.

Bama 75 AR 63

Let down for us and Bama looks like the team that played the Zags

It’s always interesting that some folks make disheartening predictions during such highs. You are probably being realistic, but that’s too sad for me.

I say we play terrible in the first half and win a close one.

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I really hope you’re right

I like the early tipoff. Coleman isn’t a huge homecourt advantage anyway; it will be even less at 11 a.m.

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First games are always questionnable. But, Bama also beat Baylor (sort of mid-season). When they shoot well from the outside they can be very tough.

If the Hogs play good defense, I would expect a close W for our guys. I’m not sure I really believe in let downs. I’ve seen us play pretty good ball over the last four weeks.

I think the hogs get hot from 3 and win at 15 or more. Umede gets 30 again.
Notae score 25
J Williams and Toney both have double doubles. The Hogs out rebound Bama by 10
Hogs 85
Bama 66.

I would take a one point win in a heartbeat. Any team that can beat Gonzaga, Baylor, and Houston is a tough out.

No doubt, Classic let down spot in college hoops. We’ll see what happens.

Feels like a real trap game to me.

We are better than Alabama.

But we have been riding high many games now and coming off huge win.

Bama needs this game more than we do and they are capable to beat the best.

Not a prediction.

But if we don’t bring A game we are unlikely to win

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This is not the same Alabama team. Not equipped with big men. Get them this year because they have size coming next year. Razorbacks, 71-68.

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I predict Fred will storm the court after a Hog win and cost Alabama a fine from the SEC.:rofl:


Bama is on fire tonight against OM.have 81 pts with 7 min left they shoot like this we will have our hands full,we know how good OM defense is( 64 pts).Their G are the best we will see,incredible quickness and can light you up when they are on so.This is not as good a defenseive team as they have had so I think we score just enough to pull it out 78-75

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I hope Bama uses all the bullets in their gun tonite. They are gonna play a real defense Saturday.

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For the season they shoot 30.5% from deep as a team, tonight they shot 63.6%. I would guess they’ll cool off significantly by Saturday

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Yep both teams will struggle. It will be an ugly AR win. 68-60.

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yeah they were on fire for sure bc OM 3pt Defense allowed only 29% but they couldn’t stay in front of them tonight and they were blistering hot…11 00 game will b a challenge for both team I’m sure,they are not a great defensive team if we shoot the way we’re capable we will be ok

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This - defensive pressure greatly impacts their play

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If their shots are falling in the first ten minutes, Bama plays well. If not, they seem to lose interest and their play lacks energy. I believe our defense will dictate that first ten minutes and we win. My biggest fear is fatigue late in the game for the Hogs… emotionally and physically spent. The good news, we have a kick-ass coach that motivates and we have an extra day to recover.

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I’m sure Muss will have us focused after getting embarrassed 90-59 there last yr, so I expect us to come out ready to roll.

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