Hogs @ Bama

The ladies are up at halftime
Hogs 44
Bama 27
Rameriz has done it all in the first half.
Maybe after the game she can drive the bus to the airport!


Can you give an update as the game progresses?

Hogs up 70 -45 after 3 qtrs.


We need this dub.

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Hogs 99-71 final.


Daniels and Rameriez played their tails off. Man what a game. Once they all get healthy they will be hard to beat.


15 - 29 from the 3, 51 percent they were on fire :fire:.

Fun to watch.


Had a higher % from 3-point land than Bama had from inside the arc at one point late in the game, per the announcers. Not sure it finished that way, but for sure we were on fire from distance, especially Amber. Mike Neighbors did a gracious thing with a little over 30 seconds left in the game: had his girls hold the ball just over the midcourt line to run out the shot clock with 99 points on the board rather than take a shot to try to break 100. The Bama coach appeared to thank Mike for that show of sportsmanship as they exchanged fist bumps after the game.


Sorry I didn’t update. I’m a little under the weather tonight.

Bama shot 17 of 39 from inside the arc. We hit 15 of 29 from deep. So yeah that was accurate.

I stayed up way too late watching the women considering I have a 6 am flight this morning, but hey, I wasn’t sleepy yet.

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