Hogs @ Bama

Bad start doesn’t sum it up! Between missed shots and turnovers the hogs can’t do anything. Bama up 12 - 0 and we look lost!

They keep shooting every 15 seconds every time they possess the ball we will get back in this game. WPS

The first possession Joe was wide open and Desi ends up taking a turnaround off balance 3! That sums up our shot selection. Joe has bricked the other 3’s he has taken but none were like that one there!

Most blatant offensive basket interference you will ever see and somehow none of the refs call it?

That’s normal. But what about being over the back of the defender to get the tip in?

Bama is getting every call and we are hanging in after storming back. WPS

We will get the free throw line if we continue to drive the ball to the hole.
So far we are not fouling which is a good thing. Make the darn free throws.

Mason Jones has 2 turnovers where he tried to pass the ball on the bounce and there was no space to allow it period. When he handles the ball he needs to be going to the hole or it usually isn’t a good outcome.
Our hogs are battling and holding a slim lead. Defense is getting it done but we sure can’t knock down free throws.

Our D has been the answer! WPS

we’re over passing and not taking shots we normally would take.

FT once again costing us… smh

Throw in there we are missing free throws again!
The walk sure don’t get called!

Free throws

We’ve let them regain the momentum. They won’t turn the ball over the second half the way they did in the first half we better get something going offensive instead waiting on turnovers…

After being down 12-0, I will take a 30-27 lead at this point. Defensive pressure needs to stay intense

The hogs are down.

Hogs 5/9
Bama 7/7
There’s the picture of the free throw line.

Joe needs to learn how to get separation and move without the ball better

We are in pretty good shape considering the way we started, the calls going their way and the way Joe is shooting. Injury and lack of confidence has Joe snake bit at this point. We are in a fight again, hope we find a way to pull this one out. WPS

Will someone please guard number 5!!! You know the one who has 20 stinking points